A Tune a Week #12 – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A Tune a Week #12 – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Find the free sheet music for this piece here.
Played on a Fiddlerman Artist Violin available at Fiddlershop here.
Leave your suggestions for ‘A Tune a Week’ in the comment section for this video and I’ll probably put them on the list. :slight_smile:

2 Responses to A Tune a Week #12 – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  1. Mouse says:

    That was so great! I love the closeup of the fingering. Thank you for that. I have been trying to play this for the last few days but have isuses F# A and G A sections, as well as the F# A and G# B sections, Measures 10 and 11 and 14 and 15? I am hoping if I watch this video enough times it will help, but I think a lot of it is also the bowing.

    Thank you for this. It really should be a GROUP project, as coolpinkone suggested.

  2. coolpinkone says:

    This is crazy good!
    I can’t wait to play along with this. It is one of the first songs that I learned on the violin. I love to play it. I play FM’s version so to have a video to play with is so wonderful.

    I sure would love this to become a GROUP Project.

    Thank you Pierre. Keep em coming.

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