Holding the bow

Holding the bow correctly will insure the greatest possible ease in playing a smooth and even sound. It will aid in achieving smooth bow changes, dynamics, legato, staccato and much more in the violin learning process. This video is even good for more advanced players that need to better their technique.
Make sure that you lift your arm just enough when playing on the G-string in order not to get problems with your wrist. Use your elbow and not the shoulder. Try to be as relaxed as possible by only applying pressure with a twist instead of muscle.

How To Hold The Bow – Place your thumb in the C of the bow frog and place the other fingers on the other side of the stick with the pointer finger towards the tip of the bow. Keep the all the fingers comfortably together and relaxed. With the pinky curved and the tip on top of the stick, turn your hand counter-clockwise so that the fingers lay at an angle.The bow’s stick makes contact on the first fingers knuckle with each following fingers closer to their tips. Finally the pinky needs to learn to sit on top of the stick and stay there. A proper hold will enable you to make flexible smooth bow changes.

Bow hold picture no 1

Place thumb in or close to the C in the frog. Middle finger adjacent to thumb. Fingers comfortably together straingt then turn hand counter clockwise (towards the strings). Always keep all fingers and thumb slightly curved.