A Tune a Week #24 – Concerning Hobbits

Learn to play “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore on the violin.

Find the free sheet music for this piece here.
Viola parts can be found here:
Playing on a “Shi Liao, Scott Cao” bench made violin available at Fiddlershop.com – Special order

For the iOS tuner search the App Store for:
Violin Tuning Guide
Follow this link for the Android version of Fiddlermans Tuner.
Please leave your suggestions for future tunes and I may use them.

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  1. Ripton says:

    Wonderful. I have been playing the first few measures by ear for quite sometime now. I downloaded from violaman.com in key of D. Can you do a version starting on open G? [to save me the aggravation of using musescore myself ;-)]


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