Changing the strings on your violin

This video will show you how to change strings on your violin.
It’s always a good idea to change strings on your violin often enough that you both get a good sound and avoid the risk of breakage during performances.
The hardest thing about changing strings for beginners is to dare doing it.
Start at one end and only change one string at a time.
Keep an eye on the bridge at all times to make sure that it is straight or leaning slightly back. Put the straight end without the loop or ball in the pegs hole so that it sticks out and extra 1/2 inch or so. You may need the extra play later for adjusting pegs angle. Begin winding one whole turn then cross over the wound string and wind another whole turn. Keeping pressure on the the string with one of your hands slip the other end of the string into or onto the tailpiece depending on whether or not you have a fine tuner. Continue holding the string while you wind the string till it starts to tighten. Slowly raise the pitch till you hear the fifth from the next string. (same as twinkle twinkle). Make sure that you push the peg towards the scroll enough to insure that it does not pop out. The peg is conical and need to be pushed in and turned simultaneously.
Tune your strings up often the first hour or so.