How long should I practice everyday?

People often ask me how long they should practice.
My answer is that it depends on what your goals are. Ask yourself
what you want to accomplish and what you would like to be able to do
with your instrument and set goals from there. Practicing a little bit at a time several times a day is better than playing too long once every day.
In other words, if you usually play one hour in the day but feel like
it was a chore and it became non-productive towards the end, try playing for just 30 or 15 minutes but don’t put the violin away. Leave it out so that you see it all day. Decide to play again in the afternoon for just a little while then again in the evening. Divide the hour into 3 sessions instead.
This gives your brain and body a fresh start every time and teaches you
to play better quicker instead of needing to warm up as much.

Tip: If you love to practice but have a hard time getting started tell yourself
that you are only going to play for 5 minutes. See what happens, you probably won’t be able to stop :slight_smile:

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