Breakthrough Violin MIDI Technology

Electric Violin Shop announces the release of an innovative new violin MIDI software called eLektra Performance System™, which is available for the purchase price of $299 exclusively through

eLektra Performance System™ will analyze the analog output signal of any electric violin or acoustic violin with pickup and convert it to MIDI data. Unlike previous violin MIDI solutions eLektra Performance System™ is entirely software based and is designed to host virtual instrument and effect (VSTi and VST, respectively) plugins. This allows users to build their own unique libraries of preferred effects and synthesized instruments from the literally thousands available to musicians either for sale or free download. Not only are a wider range of sounds available through eLektra Performance System™ than traditional rack or stompbox effects systems, but the bulk and expense of running effects is vastly reduced as well.

The greatest advancement eLektra Performance System™ offers over previous generation violin MIDI solutions is a tremendous decrease in latency—the delay between input and output during signal processing. While most earlier MIDI systems for bowed strings were temperamental and slow to respond, eLektra Performance System™ can be easily optimized for fast pitch recognition and minimal latency, making it an ideal effects and MIDI solution for performance.

eLektra Performance System™ recognizes the normal range of a violin down to C a fifth below the open G string. This makes it a viable MIDI solution for violists as well as 5-string violinists. The only equipment necessary to run eLektra Performance System™ with an instrument is a USB audio interface and a Windows computer. Windows XP, Vista or 7 is necessary to run eLektra software, while Mac operating systems are currently unsupported.

Signal from eLektra can easily be output through either headphones, computer speakers or during performance through a traditional amplifier or PA system.

eLektra Performance System™ was developed by John Silzel, Ph.D., a professor of Physics in California. Dr. Silzel is an expert signal analyst by trade and a performing electric violinist by avocation. Silzel explains, “I’d been longing to have a MIDI violin system but was put off by the cost of the equipment and the need for a special violin…That was how eLektra got started: a crazy idea that wasn’t supposed to be possible. It took a couple of years, but turned out well enough that I had to share it with other players.” Frustrated by the difficulties and expense of previous generation MIDI violin options, Silzel employed his technical skills to translate the bowed string waveform into digital language resulting in the marketable performance software that is eLektra Performance System™.

Electric Violin Shop is the leading specialty retailer in amplified bowed strings. Founded by Blaise Kielar in Carrboro, North Carolina in 1999, Electric Violin Shop still serves the ‘Research Triangle’ area with a storefront in nearby Durham but has expanded its service to string players the world over through its reputable and informative e-commerce website.

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Blaise Kielar of Electric Violin Shop or eLektra Performance System™ developer John Silzel of Silzel Research, please contact Duncan Monserud.

via Breakthrough Violin MIDI Technology – Yahoo! News.

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