Cecilio CVN-600 vs CVN-700

Cecilio offers two higher priced quality violins called the CVN-600 and CVN-700. The CVN600 goes for $399 whereas the CVN700 costs $499. I find both instruments well worth the price. This CVN700 has a sweeter sound and quicker reaction time to quick notes. Both fiddles can be played extremely high without any problems. This CVN600 has a more powerful overall tone though the E-string dominates slightly over the other strings. In my opinion they would benefit greatly if more precision was taken when fitting the sound-posts. I am able to see space under the foot of one of the sound posts. Keep posted for details on how you can win one of these fiddles and which will be the next on the raffle schedule.

Buy this violin: CVN-600 or CVN-700

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