Congratulations Pikachu on winning the electric violin

Congratulations goes to Bindy on winning the Cecilio Black Metallic Silent Violin.

I received this email from Bindy(Pikachu) shortly after the drawing:

Hi Pierre!

Thank you for the opportunity and your wonderful site. The community you’re building is fantastic. I learn something new on every visit. I’m super excited to have won the violin! I usually have such bad luck with these things.

I’ve been playing violin since this March and picked it up because I needed a creative outlet. I’m really bad, so I’ll be using the junk out of my headphones so I can practice without waking people up. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t due to financial constraints and studies. Now that I’m out of school I can finally pursue it! I’m going to try and learn Spring on it first, simply because I got hooked after seeing someone play it with an electric violin on a J-drama. Then I can rock out with BURNING PASSION!

Bindy S.

On August 6th we had our drawing and chose from 20 eligible members and 8 that were voted on by our regulars. This is Pikachu’s first post.

I really enjoy playing violin. When I started working, I needed something for a mental break, and eventually I came across the online lessons here! If I were to receive the electric violin, I’d let my little sister use the one I currently have for her middle school and we’d be able to doodle happily together. I’d use the headphones options so as to not subject my family to my horrible playing, and to be able to practice at night without waking people up. (I currently have little time to practice during waking hours.) Perhaps I would also use it for mischief by hiding our wireless computer speakers in random places for violambushes. Moreover, after leveling up my discoordination to normal awkwardness, I would hide in my room and pretend to be a rock star, jamming out secretly in my pajamas, for the violin is quite flashy and deserves some imagination and starpower. That’s right, I would play Twinkle Twinkle so hard core.

I never had the chance to learn growing up. It’s one of the things I promised myself that I’d be able to do when I got older. Since I lived in a poor rural area with little in the way of musical instruction. I told myself that there would be plenty of opportunities in college and waited it out. Then in college the expense and the amount of time I needed for study made me push it back a little more. While I was “studying” one night I found a really cool J-drama about an orchestra that re-ignited my passion for music. One episode introduces a really cool violin player rocking out on an electric violin, which got me hooked on the sound. When I finally finished school, moved, and got a steady income, I saved for about 8 months and birthday splurged a violin. I’ve been playing horribly for almost 4 months now. Cool Horribly with BURNING PASSION!

(A/N I highly recommend doing more homework than I did. The people at my local music store are very nice, but at the end of the day they’re not the best deal around. My violin was around $200 (lowest price they had) and I had to order it out of a catalog without the shopkeepers even knowing what the quality was like. It’s pretty and sounds okay, but from the Cecilio reviews so far, I would have been fine with a pretty colored one to doodle on.)

Buy this violin. Electric Violins

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