Fiddlerman’s International Group Project – Gustav Holst’s “Thaxted” from The Planets Op.32 Jupiter

Details and files from this 2014 Fiddlerman Project below.

We’ll be playing an arangment of “Thaxted” from within Gustav Holst’s – The Planets Op.32 Jupiter

UPDATE: New deadline for me to receive your submission is  Nov. 3rd.

The Planets is one of my favorite classical works. Hopefully doing this project will turn some of you on to this work as well. I marked the location of the movement that we’ll be doing on the below video but would also encourage you to listen to the whole movement for some real enjoyment. You’ll find with some research that this melody has been done with countless instrumental and choir combinations and the melody has many titles. One well known version is “O God Beyond All Praising”.

Instead of a deadline, the first 100 submissions will be my cue to begin mixing. Maximum two parts per person and all 1st violin recordings must include one of the 3 other parts as well. If the timing of your submission does not correspond with the playback file I will not use it. All submissions must be left to me as an MP4 (MPEG-4) with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480. No audio only submissions this time.
Visit this forum link to participate on the discussion of this project.

Please download this click track to your computer, phone, MP3 player or similar for use during your recording. Any video submission recorded without the use of this playback file “in ear” (preferably using a headphone jack) will not be used. We cannot match all the parts unless you are hearing the playback file while recording, or at least a 76 BPM metronome though in this case there is no guarantee that your part will match all others.

PLAYBACK FILE  To save this file, either right click on the link or control click with Mac and save the file onto your computer or appropriate playback device.

Thaxted Project PDF Parts:

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