7 pieces of music that might make you cry

As everybody knows, weeping is terrifically good for the soul – and few things are as liable to make us tear up as a beautiful piece of music. Whether it’s Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah or that dewy-eyed moment in The Lion King, there’s something about how our brains are wired that means a stray chord or heart-tugging melody can set our bottom lips a-wobble.

But how about classical weepies? Are there tunes from the orchestral or choral world liable to make us come over all unnecessary? There certainly are, and if you’re looking for them, there’s perhaps no better place to come than the BBC Proms.

So here are seven pieces from this year’s festival – ancient to modern, gorgeous as well as plain ol’ sad – that are all but guaranteed to have you snuffling embarrassingly and fumbling for your hankie. Don’t say you weren’t warned. But perhaps alert your neighbour in advance.

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I can be found playing the violin since December 20th, 2011. Music is what feelings sound like... Victor Hugo
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  1. coolpinkone says:

    I am totally susceptible to tears from songs with lyrics. Usually from instrumental / classical I get goosebumps or that really overwhelming feeling in my chest of inspiration.

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