Blogs. What are blogs? From what I have noticed, and I am no blog expert, they mean different things to different people. Think of it as a combination digital diary, bookmark of your achievements or need to improves, a place to ramble about whatever you want. I am sure there are other terms that could be used, but that will suffice for this article. 

Fiddle talk has a Blog section. The blog section is located here: Fiddle Talk Blogs There are a few forum bloggers there. Their blogs are very different. Some are more like a record for the blogger, a place to keep track of what was done, needs to be done, and also to just break away to a place in the forum that is just for that member to go off topic once in a while and relax. Some have been idle for a while, waiting for their blogger to return.

The forum blogs main topic, however has to be related to the topic of this forum, bowed string instruments. But, here, it is your world. You can venture off the path, and still be in contact with the rest of the forum family. Yes, even letting them into your little world because all members may read and comment on your blogs. Think of it as a friend visiting your house.

Sounds good, but I am not a writer. I have been published by a childrens’ literature school for two how-to articles, but I don’t consider myself a writer. By looking at my blog, you can see my typing ability on the pads now used is not very good, either. I long for real typewriters to come back! Does that stop me? No. It was not easy to start my blog, though. I was very hesitant.

The first forum blog I read and commented on was by a member named, JohnG. He started a blog on April 19, 2021. It is a wonderful blog. Sadly, JohnG has passed away, but his family has left his postings on the forum, this includes his blog. I revisit it often. After reading his blog for a few months, I started my blog on July 7, 2021. I was not very sure about doing it, but I decided to give it a go. 

I have found my blog has helped me stay the course. I don’t always enter posts. Sometimes, I can go a few weeks without an entry, but I do read it. It reminds me of where I was, and where I am trying to go, and better than Garmin. My subject of the different entries varies. The magic of a blog. 

Why is the meandering of the subject of your entries magic? I can sit back and read what I was able to do earlier and see where I am now. I can look back at my non-topic entries and see what I was thinking back then. Yes, the non-topic entries do help keep me motivated. In keeping with the subject matter or theme of the Fiddle Talk forum, most postings in my blog are on topic. But, those entries where I have meandered off the beaten path actually keep me on the path. I am connected to the forum family.

The forum blog helps keep me centered and coming to the forum to participate. I can come to my blog and feel at home, and not be inundated by topics that are too far beyond where I am, or where I intend to go. I can ponder at my level, cello-viola-violin topics that are at my level. Or, I can take a break and just ramble. Once in a while share a photo of a card I made, a story I heard, whatever, but I always have my way back to my main purpose. It is easier to get back on track via my blog, and if I am lost, or having a hard time finding my way back, if I log into the forum and go to my blog, read past posts, I am back. I am encouraged, I can continue on my own little path,. Here, I am at home, but still connected.  As the name of my blog states, “Mouse’s Cubby Hole”. 

I have an idea of something to add to my Cubby Hole. I will start doing that soon. It will, also, help me in the way I need it. Maybe, once I start adding it, it will help you too. You can visit Mouse’s Cubby Hole any time you wish. Feel free to comment, but web and YouTube links are frowned upon in Mouse’s Cubby Hole. They don’t help the mouse. Yep, it is your blog, your home, meant to help you. Got a good joke? I would love to read it. Have your own instrument experience? I would love to read about. Have a thought about an entry I made? I would love to read it. Conversation, connection, relating.

Blogs are a wonderful, little used part of the forum. New members, do not forget about this very useful tool. I would suggest that new members start a blog. Use it in a way that suits you. Don’t be afraid others will read it. Don’t be afraid to meander off-topic periodically as we all need a break once in a while. Meandering from the forum topic on your blog, periodically, gives you the break, while maintaining that connection to the forum family. Your blog will help you stay connected to the forum. Will help keep you stay connected to your instrument. Will give you a forum home.

Submitted by Mouse

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