Traveling Fiddle – Singing All Over the World

Welcome to the Traveling Fiddlerman Community Fiddle information page.
The idea for the traveling fiddle originated on the forum at this link.
Find here information and pictures as well as comments from various users and the fiddles present location. To sign up to be a part of the history of this violin by receiving it and passing it along, make sure you are a registered forum member and send an email to Fiddlerman with your address and phone number.

See where the Traveler has been on the map below:

Traveler Picture Gallery:

117 Responses to Traveling Fiddle – Singing All Over the World

  1. JohnG says:

    I’ve been attempting to learn to play the viola for a little over a year now after a 59 year lapse after taking group lessons in junior college. I decided to host The Traveler to try my hand(s) at playing a violin and to be a participant in the long journey of this famous violin.
    It’s an honor to be host to this and look forward to adding to its story. Here is the video of my unpacking it.

  2. Georganne says:

    The Traveler crosses the Arctic Circle. My parents had come up to Alaska for my wedding. This was my mom’s farewell trip as she had leukemia and would die 3 months later. I am so thankful we got to spend this final time together.

  3. Georganne says:

    The Traveler does Chickenstock, a funky music festival in remote Alaska under the midnight sun!

  4. Georganne says:

    The Fiddle played at the historic Malamute Saloon, Ester, Alaska.

  5. BillyG says:

    Just “promoting” The Traveler – recently I’ve welcomed a number of new members to the forum, and specifically ( from the point of view of my location ) some new UK-side members. I encourage you all who are active learners, students or established players to sign-up to host The Traveler. There IS a list and it can take maybe 2 or 3 years to get around to you – but it is a huge incentive to keep on playing, practicing and performing with the eventual goal of one-day hosting The Traveler ! I was host to her in March 2017 and although the weather was often unfavorable for outdoor playing, it was nevertheless fantastic to get the opportunity to play the same instrument that other forum members have enjoyed….. Awesome project !

  6. Gjinja says:

    Is the Traveler still traveling? This is a fantastic idea & I’d like to get on the list if it’s still making the rounds & interested in visiting Oklahoma. :slight_smile:

  7. 1stimestar says:

    Sandylynn, where is the fiddle? Do you still have it?

  8. sandylynn says:

    The Traveler arrived in Montevideo, Minnesota this week landing in
    the arms of Sandy Lynn. My family searched high and low to find something from
    Rural Minnesota to add to the Traveler’s collection of mementos and found ‘a crystal pig’ representing agriculture in Southwestern Minnesota. The Traveler enjoyed a lovely evening at The Hollywood on Main, LLC with Proprieter RuthAnn Lee and the lovely
    and talented Mayor Debra Lee Fader. The Foreverly Brothers – A Tribute to The Everly
    Brothers presented a dazzling concert on May 9th, 2015. The Foreverly Brothers played
    to a packed audience with Mayor Debra Lee singing along with the band for one selection. Many guests this evening were able to get a close look at the Traveler and
    learn about the interesting places and fascinating people that have enjoyed the company of this fine fiddle. 25 pictures, and five music videos were created on May 9th, 2015 with the Traveler and Sandy Lynn. Sandy Lynn is a student of SallyAnn Larson from Dawson, Minnesota and Nuno Alexandre Flores from Lisbon, Portugal. In addition, it was a real treat to hear violinist and proud grandfather, Mr. Kelly, playing The Traveler in the Hollywood Lobby after The Main Show. It was music to my ears to hear another fiddler playing The Traveler. Loving this opportunity and pleased with the Traveler’s first official outing since arriving in Montevideo, Minnesota.

  9. Tyberius says:

    The Fiddle just arrived in the Salem, Oregon location today. It is a thing of beauty. I look forward to adding my name to its list of followers.

  10. Fiddlerman says:

    Nice photos Ginny. It’s great to see were the traveler has been. The traveler is gaining history, not to mention all the hands it’s been played with. Kind of reminds me of the Red violin….

  11. Ginnysg says:

    I’ve enjoyed getting to know the traveler, but it was time to send it on to the next stop. On the last day we visited one of our local wineries (I don’t care what “they” say, the best wines come from the Temecula Valley in California!)
    The proprietor loved the idea of the traveler, and gave us a wine charm to add to the embellishments. I played a little for the grapes in the field, and oh gosh, I hope next years crops don’t suffer :-O! Posted some photos above.

  12. Ginnysg says:

    The Traveler arrived a few days ago, and we’ve been getting to know one another. Taking the Traveler out this weekend to show her some of the highlights of my little corner of the world! Hope to post pics and maybe videos soon!

  13. Fiddlerman says:

    Happy to hear that the fiddle arrived safely Andie.Kae.
    Look forward to hearing more about her new visit. :slight_smile:

  14. Andie.Kae says:

    Just letting everyone know the Fiddle arrived today! I haven’t had a chance to take her out yet, it’s too late right now, but look forward to finally meet her tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

  15. fiddle chick says:

    One more video submission before The Traveler gets shipped to Arizona. This is 13-year-old Fallon Lavigne.

  16. fiddle chick says:

    Here are a few short videos of The Traveler on our road trip. The first one is me doing a short (and poor) rendition of Wildwood Flower on the stage of The Carter Fold in Hiltons, Va. The second one is Dewey Brown of NC playing at the Ralph Stanley Hills of Home Festival in McClure, Va. The third is Leonard Stallard, proprietor of The Pickin’ Parlor in Weber City, Va.

  17. fiddle chick says:

    The Traveler will be going to a bluegrass festival in Tylertown, MS this week and then on a road trip next week to east TN and along VA’s Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail. Hoping it will see a lot of fancy fiddlin’ from the locals there. Also planning to go to The Carter Fold and Ralph Stanley’s Hills of Home Festival (if all goes well), then I’m sad to say I’ll be shipping it off to Arizona, I think.

  18. Fiddlerman says:

    Very cool. I posted it under the videos above. Looks like a lot of fun. :slight_smile:
    The fiddler can sign her if you guys want.

  19. fiddle chick says:

    The Traveler went to a jam today. Here it is being played by Van Glynn. I’m not sure how to upload the video so here’s a link to it on youtube.

  20. Fiddlerman says:

    Sounds great Fiddle Chick. Look forward to hearing about it and possibly seeing some pictures as well. :slight_smile:

  21. fiddle chick says:

    Taking The Traveler for a photo shoot with the gators and then to a jam later on. Photos to come.

  22. fiddle chick says:

    The Traveler is safe and sound in Hammond, LA. Looking forward to spending the next few weeks with it. We’re planning a road trip together and we’ll be traveling across five states (6 including LA). I’m super excited!

    I also plan to take The Traveler to some of our local jams and let some of my fiddler friends get a chance to play it as well.

    I got an email from FM with a shortcode to pin the map, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Where do I put the code? Help?

  23. AdverseD says:

    The Traveler is on her way to Hammond, LA. She will arrive approximately on Wednesday according to the shipping tracking.

  24. Fiddlerman says:

    We have to set rules about how long to have her. I suggest 3 weeks. Denise still has the traveler and I haven’t heard anything lately about it.

  25. StoneDog says:

    SOooo??? Where is my old friend? Spending time with the TRAVELER was SWEET. Is it lost? The TRAVELER taught me much.

  26. Fiddlerman says:

    Denise, please check your PM for a shortcode for the pin the map above. :slight_smile:

  27. StoneDog says:

    The Traveler is in Kansas > per tracking it arrived at >
    HORTON, KS 66439 post office at 8:34 am on December 14, 2013. I would think it will be delivered today to the home of dionysia.

  28. StoneDog says:

    On its way to Kansas.

  29. StoneDog says:

    Another 2 weeks and I may have to part with my new friend. > I will be sad. > But>> I must move on. And the Traveler can not be tied down. The Traveler has many places to go. I just need a little more time with it. We are becoming one. > The Traveler told me that it will hang until I get this vid done with it but after that it needs to leave. > and Cindy is really getting on me about this whole gig. I am going through a major CLICK because of the Travelers time with me. > It SOoooo~~~ ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Fiddlerman says:

    Poor Cindy. :wink: Have fun Rick. Looking forward to more pictures and videos. :slight_smile:

  31. StoneDog says:

    Well it has been over a week or so. I have been spending more time with the Traveler > Its getting closer. I have introduced the Traveler to my guitar and they are trying to work it out. Trying to make it blend. I have a song about the Traveler that I put together. Playing the Traveler to it is where I am at. Its gonna take a bit but it is starting to come together. The Traveler is very special. The only real problem I am having now is with Cindy > Cindy is my Viddle. She is not liking me spending more time with the Traveler than with her. I am sure it will work out but I gots to tell you > Cindy is not real happy right now.

  32. StoneDog says:

    The Traveler has arrived. Freedom Pa. > north of Pittsburgh. SWEET!!!!!

  33. Fiddlerman says:

    Very cool. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the work and help.

  34. Kevin M. says:

    She got the new bridge, new sound post and new E string and it sounds much better. I kind of like the sound now.

  35. Fiddlerman says:

    Did she get a new bridge? How does she sound now? :slight_smile:

  36. Fiddlerman says:

    Kevin M.

    She has arrived safe and sound in Pennsylvania.

    Love the picture of you and the fiddler by the Nicholson Bridge. Thanks

  37. Fiddlerman says:

    Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. Look forward to hearing all about her and seeing some cool new pictures at Kevin’s place. :slight_smile:

  38. Kevin M. says:

    She has arrived safe and sound in Pennsylvania.

  39. KindaScratchy says:

    OK, The Traveler is now on it’s way to PA!

  40. johnnyblaze says:

    Great Diane i go to that spot all the time its good to know the Famous Traveling Fiddle was there..


  41. sunshineb says:

    loved it!! great job, Diane! :slight_smile:

  42. StoneDog says:

    Thats was nice STUFF there KS > That was really nice. Where you live appears to be be SWEETness to ones SPIRIT!! > ROCKszzzzzzzz~~!!!

  43. Fiddlerman says:

    Great addition to her travels Diane. :slight_smile:

  44. HDuaneaz says:

    Bring it on. I’ll play a little jig right in downtown Chandler.

  45. StoneDog says:

    Looking forward to it KS > you ROCK!!!

  46. KindaScratchy says:

    Just an update that I haven’t absconded with The Traveler. :wink: I’m taking good care of her and I think she’s enjoying her time in the Bay State. We’ve been really busy lately, but I should be able to shoot my video and photos this weekend, then I will send her on her way to her next destination.

  47. Late bloomer says:

    That’s the coolest thing I ever seen. Where did she begin her journey ?
    And I noticed it was referred to as she, hope its safe for a gal to be traveling around the country alone like that. (smiley)

  48. Fiddlerman says:


    Ohhhh it hasn’t been to Alaska yet. The Arctic Circle is just a short drive from me…

    Somehow I have a feeling she’ll get there. :slight_smile:

  49. 1stimestar says:

    Ohhhh it hasn’t been to Alaska yet. The Arctic Circle is just a short drive from me…

  50. Terry Taylor says:

    This is the most interesting geography lesson about the USA/Canada that i ever had

  51. KindaScratchy says:

    The Traveler has arrived safely in Massachusetts!

  52. sunshineb says:

    lol! yeah I guess so, SD, never though about that! come to think of it, we were actually glued to the tornado chasers’ live online feed not 3 wks ago as they chased a good looking storm only about 15 min NNE of this field! ….who says the prairies are boring!?? :slight_smile:

  53. StoneDog says:


    Michelle’s “sunshineb” daughter with the traveler out in a beautiful canola field. > Nice pic > reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

  54. Barry says:

    Thanks to Michelle, yesterday the traveler crossed the border and is preparing for its journey to Diane in Bellingham, MA

    nice :slight_smile:

  55. Fiddlerman says:

    Thanks to Michelle, yesterday the traveler crossed the border and is preparing for its journey to Diane in Bellingham, MA :slight_smile:

  56. Barry says:

    so where is it now ?

  57. sunshineb says:

    she’s still with me, SD. As I haven’t been give a name or address of the next on the list.
    Have taken her on a few outings for pics, etc. lots more ideas to make use of the time she’s here until I hear where to send her. will try to post more soon :slight_smile:

  58. StoneDog says:

    SO~~~~~~ Where is it now? >>>> And what is the Magic Viddle’s next stop????

  59. StoneDog says:

    Nice video sunshineb. It was GREAT to see the Traveling Fiddle in action and I could see where some have signed it etc. Really nice vid showing your interaction with the Traveling Fiddle. >> SWEET!!!!!!!

  60. Fiddlerman says:

    Upload the videos on youtube and give me the link. I’ll post them here. :slight_smile:
    Sounds exciting. Thanks

  61. RosinedUp says:

    I think user Scotty deserves mention near the top of the page for donating the traveling fiddle.

  62. sunshineb says:

    Well…. today was LOADS of fun!!!! July 1st is Canada Day up here in the great white north. So, I decided to take the traveller along with me to the community Canada Day celebrations and see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into! My first thought was to just keep her fairly visible sticking out of my shoulder bag and see if I was approached by any passing inquisitive fiddlers. Not too many bites on that, although there were a few little girls that were tickled to try her out! So then I decided to be a bit more proactive and ventured backstage of the amphitheatre during the show. I introduced myself, explained a bit about the traveller and said I would be willing to share her with any fiddler brave enough to come up and do an impromptu show! Well, Penny took me up on the offer and it turned out to be a great time!!
    I’ll post the video as soon as I can figure out how to link it to the page…. :wink:

  63. Fiddlerman says:

    Sounds great. Love the pictures.

  64. Helvetika says:

    Hi ya!
    The fiddle made it to the home of Sunshineb in Moose Jaw SK yesterday. I drove down and met up with Michelle and her daughters and handed off the fiddle to her. I realize I kept the fiddle for a little longer than the Traveller rules stipulate, but it took awhile for our schedules to mesh. I thank all concerned for the opportunity to play the fiddle and everyone’s patience. Will post more later!
    Cindy (Helvetika)

  65. StoneDog says:

    and so am I > Where may you be? > the hub of a virtual scenario.

  66. Fiddlerman says:

    Now I’m curious again about the fiddle. :slight_smile:

  67. scotty says:

    Well maybe someone should take over this project until Vince comes back? I really think people should be given more time than a week or two. Maybe a month or two, but with updates.

  68. StoneDog says:

    I would not feel so bad there scotty, Your comments were valid. I would think> This Traveling Fiddle thing is really SWEET!!! >> just seems appropriate to update the other members on the site. > The GIG was from what I have followed > Hey > SWEET you gots it. > Hang with it for a week or two > move on and keep us posted cause we are all very excited about IT >HER/HIM whatever one attaches to it. > SEEMs she is LOST again.

  69. scotty says:

    I feel terrible about that, I should have kept my big mouth shut!

  70. Fiddlerman says:

    We understand that you have had a lot on your plate. I know what it is like to be super busy. It sucks when others don’t respect your efforts for a surprise. We would all love to see the pictures and your fusion production. Look forward to it.

  71. Fiddlerman says:

    Thanks for the update and the pin on the map :slight_smile:
    Pictures of the fiddle in your area…. Anything you can contribute to this page would be great. :slight_smile:

  72. Helvetika says:

    The Traveller arrived smack dab in the middle of the still snow-filled prairies today, sitting on my step when I got home–miraculously no one stole it! (Hate it when deliverers do that!). Anyway, she’s a beaut…and I can tell right away it sounds so much better than my fiddle. Now to up my tech quotient. Will keep ya’ll posted on the traveller’s doin’s and goin’s on.

  73. scotty says:

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound harsh, it’s just been a frustrating wait is all. Would still like to see you playing it.

  74. Fifi La Fume says:

    Good bye folks I am Done!

  75. scotty says:

    I fail to understand what the story about your grand daughter’s violin has to do with holding the traveler fiddler hostage for MONTHS. And with no updates. I am glad you are finally done with it at your convenience though.

  76. Fifi La Fume says:

    Hi everyone,
    The traveler has not been lost.
    Dennis and Pierre were in on a secret while the traveler was with me and I can now reveal what has happened, Thank you guys for your patience and help!
    There were others who were in on the secret as well.
    I purchased a violin for my granddaughter and the plan was to deliver it to her in total secret. She lives in Salmo, British Columbia. The idea was to surprise her with it when I arrived there.
    Unfortunately, Heather from the Salmo Chamber of Commerce and the museum was in on the secret as well. I told her about the project and I asked her if I could have a pin or sticker for the traveler project. I told her that it was in total secret and I asked her if I could trust her. She said that I “didn’t really have a choice” but to trust her and we all had a little laugh. (We communicated by phone and email; Salmo is a very small town where everyone knows everyone)
    I guess she just couldn’t keep a secret and went to my granddaughter’s house before Easter weekend without telling me or contacting me, although she had told my granddaughter that she had tried. I had no email from her or any missed phone calls or text messages, and I was home Easter and the week before.
    She told my granddaughter that I was coming to Salmo with a surprise gift for her, and she (Heather) was going out of town Easter weekend and didn’t want to miss me to give me the pin. As soon as heather mentioned the secret present, my granddaughter knew exactly what it was, as she was wanting a violin for a long time.
    When I presented my granddaughter with the violin she didn’t look at all surprised. I asked her who had told her and she told me what Heather had said. Needless to say I was furious as well as disappointed. Evidently the woman couldn’t keep a secret, I guess she just had to spill the beans and ruin the surprise! When I went to pick up the pin she failed to mention to me what she had done.
    This was an expensive and time consuming project for me and the woman just blew the surprise out of the water.
    O.K. lesson learned rant over.
    My granddaughter will be joining our fiddler family as well, soon! She is using the handle DefiniteDisaster.
    I took some extra time to shoot famous spots of British Columbia and Alberta for the project; I think I have some excellent footage and stills to show you. I know some were getting a little impatient but I followed the rules Dennis provided. I laminated the rules and put them into the violin case with the fiddler.
    We travelled two provinces. I have a fusion production I’m preparing for you.
    I haven’t seen my mother in over 23 years and she hadn’t met my 17 year old granddaughter so I thought I would take her to meet her great grandmother for the first time.
    I ask you for your patience again. I would like to spend some time with my family for a couple of weeks to catch up on things. I have all my computer equipment with me so I can edit the video when I have a moment here and there. I will be back home in three weeks and hope to have the majority of the fusion project done by then and will post it when completed.
    The traveler is in the post office right now and you can follow the traveler using the tracking number provided. Canada Post tracking number: 0649 1470 0038 1555
    Fifi La Fume

  77. pky says:

    love to have it! Nice case and the violin sounds great! I hope it is not lost! May be I could sign up to have it for 6 weeks during November and December so I could take it with me if I manage to arrange a trip home to Malaysia, then the fiddle will be in Malaysia.

  78. Kevin M. says:

    If it broke send it to me for repairs, don’t let it stop here, things happen

  79. Kevin M. says:

    It can’t be lost….. I wanted to get it and give it a tune-up

  80. Fiddlerman says:

    Can’t be lost already!!!!!!

  81. StoneDog says:

    Seems she is lost.

  82. Fiddlerman says:

    I’m anxiously looking forward to hearing about the traveling fiddle.
    Where is she now???

  83. Fiddlerman says:

    Imagine all the places the fiddle will have seen in say 10 years. :slight_smile:

  84. StoneDog says:

    WOW!! what a beautiful pic of you Steve with the Traveling Fiddle > it is SWEET!!!!!

  85. Fiddlerman says:

    Fifi La Fume (Charlene) has it now in Fort Saint John, B.C.
    She is preparing some interesting artifacts and pictures. :slight_smile:

  86. StoneDog says:

    I don’t have it but I know where it is . I just listened to it on a post > the St Pats post > it sounded SWEET!!! > I’m looking forward to getting it now so I can here what it sounds like in my hands. Well it gots to sound better than the one I am currently learning on. Or maybe I just got to get better at playing > that always helps.

  87. Tyberius says:

    IF you found it, then get it going, i want more locations on the global map. Maybe some down under spots, a few Europe and Asian ones…even another Oregon one when it gets around. :wink:

  88. StoneDog says:

    I found it.

  89. StoneDog says:

    SOooo? Where is the Traveling Fiddle now days??

  90. Fiddlerman says:

    Look forward to hearing all about it and seeing new pictures :slight_smile:

  91. Fifi La Fume says:

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to let everyone know the Travelling Fiddle has arrived in Northern British Columbia safe and sound.

  92. Steve says:

    There is most definitely nothing required from Fifi as per shipping remuneration. I am happy to be part of the Travelling Fiddle project, and hope it gets many recipients in its travels. I always understood shipping costs to the next recipient to be paid by the last person to receive it, so I’m not complaining. But thank you, Fifi, for offering–it’s not necessary.

  93. Fifi La Fume says:

    I didn’t realise until now that Steve paid out of pocket to get the Traveller to me. I just figured it would be C.O.D. I think I should be the one paying the bill seeing that I requested the Traveller and will gladly do this. I will contact Steve as soon as I post this and see how I can repay him. Perhaps a money order will be the easiest way to pay him back.

  94. Fiddlerman says:

    I suppose it’s not right that you got stuck with the fee to ship it internationally :slight_frown:
    Thanks for everything though. It’s a really great beginning to what can go viral. :slight_smile:

  95. Steve says:

    Traveller is on its way to Fifi La Fume in B.C., Canada. No problem at all sending it; just fill out the Customs form and pay the (considerable) fee and the Post Office is happy to take it from there. I put “Student Violin”, “$100” for description and value on the Customs form.

  96. VinceKnight says:

    Nice Work Steve! Glad she arrived to you safe and sound. I have to figure out the next person on the list for it to be sent to. and Also if we are going to have to deal with a lot of import stuff just to send it to BC for a couple weeks. Let me know if you need anything Steve and Enjoy!

  97. Fiddlerman says:

    Great job Steve. Thanks!

  98. Steve says:

    No idea how to add a pin to the map. I tried, but it wants a “shortcode” plus tells me “email not entered in database” when I ignore the “shortcode” (whatever that is).

  99. Steve says:

    Mail was very late today, but Traveller did arrive today, Tuesday. Very well packed, and everything arrived in good condition.

  100. ftufc says:

    Thanks Scotty, I love that case too, it’s just cool.

    Haaa, I knew it must be tape residue, I was just being a dumbass, lol. You know, in the future, the best stringed instrument cleaner I’ve ever used is by Kolstein,,, it comes in a kit with a cleaner and polisher; the cleaner is incredible.

    Steve, I figure you’ll be getting it this Tuesday!

  101. scotty says:

    Oh and that case is just AWESOME!

  102. scotty says:

    Haha that wasn’t peanut butter, that was where I used to have tapes on it. I wasn’t sure how to properly clean a violin, so I never did try. Nice videos, you make it sound much better than I did!

  103. Steve says:

    OK, I’m on board this page, ha, got it Bookmarked. :slight_smile:
    I’ll take good care of the Traveller. Maybe something can be worked out with the other Oregonians (on the other side of the state from me), maybe a mini-group meeting, something to think about while Traveller is on its way to me.

  104. VinceKnight says:

    And THAT is the beautiful thing about this Project. Everyone will spend some time with it and then, when we think we’ll never see it again, it’ll pop back up at a Jam or on another tour and you’ll stop and go, “I held that for a time….and it still brings joy to those that hold it now”

  105. ftufc says:

    Haaaaa, you’re so right Pierre!

  106. Fiddlerman says:


    ……….and know I’ll never see it again, except in pics and vids; be good my friend and see the world.

    Steve, take good care of it!

    I can almost promise you that you will see it again someday. You will be at one of the future Fiddlerman jams right?

  107. ftufc says:

    Well, I enjoyed my time with the Traveler and now it’s on its way to Steve. There was actually a hint of sadness while packing it up and taking it to the PO. No, not sadness because of the postage I knew I was going to pay, lol, sadness because I spent time with it,,, and know I’ll never see it again, except in pics and vids; be good my friend and see the world.

    Steve, take good care of it!

  108. x_Tyberius_x says:

    Great work and demo of soon to be voyager Violin. I would add that people not put their initials or signature where it would normally be rubbed off during play or in the case while travelling.

  109. SaraO says:

    Hooray for the traveling fiddle!

  110. StoneDog says:

    That was a really good vid. > I very much enjoyed it.

  111. Fiddlerman says:

    Thanks Fred for a great start for the traveling fiddle. :slight_smile:

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  113. ftufc says:

    Okay, first thing this morning, and with a HUGE hangover, and with no warm-up (I just wanted to get this done, lol; besides, you’re interested in how our new community violin sounds not me), I ripped off two quick vids of the Fiddlerman Traveling Fiddle.

    I hope I can upload these two .mp4 files,,,,, here goes!

    Crap, as I suspected, I can’t copy-n-paste nor drag-n-drop the two vids into this thread; I knew this was going along too easily.

    What the hell,,,, help,,, lmfao……. how do I upload .mp4s to this page?!?!?!

  114. suresh says:

    Hi ftufc! thanks for the FIR. How about a sound analysis by cdennyb. Please post a picture of the globe trotter.

  115. scotty says:

    Glad to hear that Fred! I was sure that it was worthy of this venture or else I wouldn’t have sent it. Oh I forgot to clean it, sorry about that lol.
    BTW those are Pro Arte strings from fiddler shop, so it shouldn’t need new strings for a while. The bow is a cheapie so hopefully someone will put in a better bow sometime. Have fun with it!

  116. Fiddlerman says:

    Sounds great Fred. There is nothing at all wrong with the peg ends not being flush with the violin. Many perfectly adjusted violins from Howard Core are exactly like that. Apparently less contact, friction, is better for the peg action. Also, I always ship our violins with full tension (well packed though). Keeps the post in place and violins are built for that tension anyway. I can’t imagine any kind of hit that would be devastating in that respect.
    Look forward to hearing it and seeing pictures as well :slight_smile:

  117. ftufc says:

    Wooothooot! I just got the Forum Fiddle!!!

    Scotty did a SPECTACULAR job of packaging it! I’ve received a lot of violins through the mail, and none as well packaged as this; nice job Scotty. The only alteration in shipping that I will make is to loosen the strings a bit to reduce the tension while being jossled about, and the cardboard brace was a great idea; I will also insert a small piece of rolled bubble wrap on each side of the bridge.

    Okay, so what does it look like and how does it sound??? This violin is in virtually perfect condition! It’s pretty dirty, so I’ll do a thorough cleaning, but the only part item that anyone could criticize (if being very critical) is that the peg ends aren’t flush with the outside of the peg box, they’re recessed in a bit & the sound post needed just very minor adjustment to perpendicular. But that’s it! The bridge is done well and the action is nice; with nice fine tuners on each string. Even the bow is in reasonable condition. The mechanism screws easily and the bow is straight w/o torque. Several broken hairs but nothing abnormal.

    And the sound is really pretty decent; everyone will enjoy playing this. The sound isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s really decent throughout the spectrum.

    I prefer a center-mount chin rest but I don’t intend to change it because I know many people prefer the side-mount; and I’m using a Slipper shoulder rest of course, but there’s really not any room in the case to include a Slipper as I pass it along. I was actually hoping to have a Slipper accompany the fiddle around the world, but it may be impractical because of the case I’m going to donate; it’s a VERY cool vintage case but a bit streamline, lol.

    This weekend I hope to do a vid of me just messing around with it so you can hear it! So I’ll post more soon!!!!!!!

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