Win a Cecilio CVN-200 violin

To qualify to win THIS violin on the next free violin drawing, you must do the following:

  • Be one of the top 25 posters on Fiddlermans forum.
  • LIKE if you have Facebook.
  • Qualifying posts should not be made all at once, preferably on a regular basis.
  • Your posts should be relevant to the discussions.
  • You may create new relevant and interesting topics.
  • The posts should be longer that just a few words. Examples of unacceptable posts are: “Yes”. “No”. “That’s right”. “Good job”. These type of statements are fine but they won’t count as qualifying posts by themselves to place you in the top 25.

This is a great instrument for the money. An extra set of Cecilio strings, two bows, an instructional book with DVD’s and a chromatic tuner is included. 





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