Despite China, US violin-makers second fiddle via: Yahoo! News

Despite China, US violin-makers second fiddle.

Violin-maker Christophe Landon sands the wood body of a violin in his shop in New York. Even with US interest in classical music slipping, and some orchestras folding in harsh economic times, support for the artisans’ business is such that hundreds of individual American violin-makers are thriving.

Violins are seen in the workshop of violin-maker Christophe Landon in New York. Whether China can mount a serious threat to the high end of the craft —known as lutherie — is in dispute; some believe it will take several decades before Chinese instruments, which now dominate the student market, come close to rivaling the best violins of Europe and the United States.

Various wood-working tools along with photographs (L) used by a violin maker. The Asian giant has squashed European low-end makers and now manufactures the bulk of student instruments — so many that it has dramatically brought down entry-level costs for violinists and allowed dealers to set up broad rental networks.

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