Liverpool musicians submit protest to embattled Minczuk

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra

Members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra will present a protest to the embattled Brazilian conductor, Roberto Minczuk, who has sacked half his orchestra. They will not, however, jeopardise his concert.

Here’s a cautious statement, just in, from the Musicians’ Union:


Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) musicians have expressed their solidarity with colleagues from the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB) by expressing concern at the dismissal of several OSB musicians to Roberto Minczuk, who is guest conducting with the RLPO for concerts in Preston on Wednesday 11 May 2011, and in the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool on Thursday 12 May and Sunday 15 May.

Mr Minczuk is, in part, responsible for the summary dismissal of a large number of full time musicians from the OSB.  The OSB, under Roberto Minczuk’s guidance is holding auditions in New York and London to replace the musicians sacked from the orchestra.The Musicians’ Union (MU) has joined with other unions around the world in condemning the actions of the OSB and calling for members to boycott the auditions. The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) has also put out a statement.

RLPO musicians will hand Minczuk a letter urging him and the OSB to enter into proper dialogue with the Rio Union to find a mutually satisfactory conclusion. They also intend towrite to their colleagues in Rio, expressing solidarity.

Morris Stemp, MU North of England Organiser says: “Classical musicians from around the world have roundly condemned the action taken by OSB management, and the support our members have shown for their counterparts in Rio de Janeiro is to be applauded. Our members, through us, call upon the OSB to rethink their position and come back to the table for face to face talks with the Rio Musicians’ Union (SINDMUSI). The attitudes taken by the OSB Board and Mr Minczuk demonstrate that they do not understand how a modern orchestra functions.

The failure to pursue a mutually acceptable outcome could have a profoundly detrimental effect on classical music provision in Brazil, and could also affectRoberto Minczuk’s ability to work with our colleagues across the world. It is imperative that conductors have the support and co-operation of the musicians around them at any given time. Without this, conductors wave their arms in silence.

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