CVN-200 vs CVN-300

Cecilio offers two similarly priced violins called the CVN-200 and CVN-300. The CVN200 goes for $99 whereas the CVN300 costs $129. Both instruments bare great value for the dollar though with these two examples, the less expensive CVN-200 has fewer faults, a better sound, and a great look with the Rosewood fittings and solid back. Its sound-post is however too short and would probably improve if a new one was fitted though I heard no evidence of this during my test.

For some reason the CVN300 is heavier than most violins though I suspect they differ from fiddle to fiddle. The end-pin sticks out too much from improper fitting. I had to shorten the tailpiece loop by about half an inch and adjust the sound post to get the violin to vibrate. The sound post was too loose and too far inwards from the optimal position adjacent to the right bridge foot. Sound-posts can easily move during shipping and it is a good idea to show your instrument to a luthier if you have that opportunity.  Keep posted for details on how you can win one of these fiddles and which will be the next on the raffle schedule.

Buy this violin: CVN-300 or CVN-200

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