August Kohr HC602 Violin Review

Lot’s of great things were written about the August Kohr HC602 Violin in Strings Magazine so I decided to test it out myself. I could immediately see that this violin is set up and adjusted by skilled luthiers. The bridge is well cut without any excess wood, the sound-post is set right though it could undoubtedly move during shipping, and the pegs function properly without slipping or sticking.  This violin sings already after just being played for 30 minutes. During that short time the sound improved which leads me to believe that it will be considerably better in a few months as do most fine modern instruments. Playing this fiddle is pure joy and the sound coming out of it compares to fine Italian instruments. I can easily recommend this violin to not only students but also to professionals that can’t afford to spend over tens of thousands of dollars to get a fine instrument.

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