My appologies for Frequent Database Errors

I would like to appologize for all the Database Errors that have been occuring the past 3-4 days. Our site has expanded quicker than I expected and I need to explore new options for the future as I am fairly certain that we will be expanding continuously.

Unfortunately because of the database errors we are getting fewer and fewer visits, down from 1200 daily to over 600. For this I am very sad though I believe it is just a temporary setback. The errors are due to a network storage issue at my current host. I am exploring options for moving to a much quicker and more reliable host in the future but for now I must deal with the current problems.

See below the explanation from our hosts:


We are shifting things around on the storage network, we have a second storage network we put in place and have been balancing load between the two but it’s an ongoing process. Once we are finished we believe that reliability and network speeds in general will be much better. We expect to have that complete this week, if there are still problems with your database after that point it may simple be due to the fact that there is just too much usage on it for a shared environment in which case a dedicated/private server environment may be more suitable (which we can certainly discuss if needed).

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