Deadline for turning in files for the international group “He’s a Pirate” youtube video is May 15th

The deadline for turning in the files to fiddlerman for the youtube project is May 15th. Please visit the following link for more details.

Record yourself using the He’s a Pirate Click track  only in ear and not audible on the recording and SPREND the file to [email protected] (Please do not email any files to me as they will be too big)
Please spread the word to everyone you know that plays the violin or viola. I would be sad if we had too few.

If you don’t wish to be seen just record audio. I will mix the parts first then add the video. There is a possibility that not every video will be seen but all audio from the video files will be. Sending me a video gives me all rights to use the video as I see fit for the youtube project.

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