Free Printable Fingerboard Applique pdf

Feel free to print and attach Kevin’s Applique PDF, from the Fiddle Talk Forum, to your fiddle.

There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not one should use a form of tape or guides to find the right spot to place your fingers on the violin fingerboard. The important thing whether you use a guide or not is to use your ears to fine tune intonation. Always focus on your intonation and trust your hearing more than the guide. As often as possible look elsewhere than the guide and as quickly as possible get rid of it. Use the guide to learn quicker and to memorize where to place your fingers in the beginning then try to memorize the spacings rather than to stare at the fingerboard. Eventually you will be playing too fast to take the time to spot and hit the markings on the applique.

Using the guide can be compared to shifting a stick-shift car while staring at the stick.

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