Fiddlerman Group Xmas Project 2020 – Let it Snow

Though this project is complete you can always access the original project instructions, parts, and click tracks. Feel free to use any parts transcribed by me, Fiddlerman. 😁

Please join us in our next Fiddlerman Group Project.
We will be playing, “Let it Snow”.

  1. Learn to play “Let it Snow” together with Fiddlerman and Gibbles.
  2. Record yourself playing one or more parts.
  3. Send us the recording and we’ll put together a Youtube video with all participants!

The deadline for your submissions is on Monday Dec 7, after which I will begin mixing all the submissions. Keep posted as deadlines have been known to change. I encourage all participants to learn several parts. If the timing of your submission does not correspond with the click track file (found below) it will not be used. All submissions should be converted to MP4 (MPEG-4) with a minimum resolution of 640 x 480. No audio only submissions.

Please consider dressing the part if possible. This will make for a much more interesting video for us to share.

Visit this forum link to participate on the discussion of this project.

Please download the click track file to your computer, phone, MP3 player or similar for use during your recording. Any video submission recorded without the use of this click track “in ear” (preferably using a headphone jack) will not be used. I cannot match all the parts unless you are hearing the click track while recording.

After recording yourself with headphones using one of the click tracks below (the click track should not be audible in your performance recording) upload your video to Dropbox, Google Drive, or and email the link to that file to [email protected] (Do not email the actual video files as they are too large). Please double check that your submission was received in case you do not get verification.

Video Tips and Requirements

  • Use the name that you want used for credits when saving your file along with the part that you performed. Example 4_Fiddlerman.mp4
  • Record, and leave a minimum of 10 seconds before and after your performance.
  • Set up your recording device (Camcorder, phone, tablet, camera) in landscape mode. Wider view vs upright.
  • Center yourself as well as possible in the video frame.
  • Have lighting in front of you and not behind you. Windows tend to make the object in the foreground look dark. Set up your camera on the window side or use sufficient lighting in front of you.
  • Cloes-ups are great, but try to get more than just the width of your face. Don’t shoot from too far away either. We like to have a better quality picture of you, the subject. Distant filming reduces the quality drastically when zooming in for the mix.
  • I will not use a video that does not include your face. Please aim the video correctly.

Please spread the word. The more the merrier.

CLICK TRACK FILES: Click on the desired titles to download them to your computer. Most likely they will end up in your download folder. If you prefer to play the click track files with an earplug straight from your computer use the player below.





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