Fiddlerman’s “Silent Night” Christmas Group Project 2013

33 members from the Fiddlerman family put together this video (50 tracks) to wish you a Merry Christmas. A special thanks to the following participants:
Alma, Anita, Audrey Bialik, Cindy, Cindy Grudzinski, Colin Hadfield, Deborah (fiddle chick), Diane Petit (KindaScratchy), Geneva Escobar, Georganne Hampton (1stimestar), Ginny Grudzinski, Jesse M Underwood, Jimmy, John (ferret), Juan, Katie, Mark Bergfelt, Mark Keating (Mt. Fidder), Meredith Mulder, Naska (mad_wed), Paula McClay White, Pegatha, Pierre Holstein (fiddlerman), Rachel Martin, Ray, Rick Stone (StoneDog), Robert Pait (Picklefish), Robin Swan (Feathers), Robyn, Samantha Porter, Scotty Bowers, Stefania Merchan, Stephanie Guerrero

See below the information from before the project.

Any violinist or violist no matter what level, is invited to learn the parts and participate in the Fiddlerman’s international Silent Night group youtube project. All the parts for the project are available for download below. Your videos will be due sometime around the second week of December. :slight_smile:
Participating members will record themselves individually using this click track and send the files to Fiddlerman who will create a memorable combined youtube video that you can share with all your friends and loved ones just in time for Christmas.

Download the appropriate part or parts and learn them as well as you can. Participate in learning together with other members if you like via our forum. Post demo’s of yourself for critique, feedback, or just for the heck of it. If you have problems listening to the MP3 files on this page, simply right click (control click for Mac) on the file and choose “Save Link As” to save and play on your computer. Present tempo has been set to 60 bpm but may change (depending on incoming opinions) before the click-track is complete.

Record yourself using the click track in ear (not audible on the recording) and SPREND the file to [email protected] (Do not email any files, they will be too big). If you have a Dropbox, Google drive or similar account feel free to send the link instead.
Please spread the word. The more the merrier.

If you don’t wish to be seen just record and send audio.  Fiddlerman will mix the parts first then add the video. Sending your video gives the rights to use the video as seen fit for a youtube project.

Demo tutorials of the violin parts by Fiddlerman soon to come.

Silent Night PDF sheet-music parts:

Violin parts:

Viola parts:

Click Track – Right click to save to your computer. Use in ear for recording.

Silent Night Click Track MP3

MP3 files from Finale file:

Silent Night Project All 4 Parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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